All of the Ancient Egyptian models are also suitable for use in the Levant. The 2 and 3-storey buildings (2514-2517) and the thatched stall would also be suitable for use in Anatolian and Aegean Settings. These models, together with the fortifications and vaulted buildings are also suitable for use up to the present day in North Africa, Egypt, etc. Because of Egypt's proximity to Carthage, Egyptian architecture style were very common (one  might even say fashionable!!) throughout the Carthaginian  Empire.


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Cultic Models
Egypt 2501 Mahat Tomb 11.50 egypt2501a.jpg (23139 bytes)
Egypt 2502a Small Pyramid Tomb 11.50 aenk2517.jpg (4047 bytes)
Egypt 2502b Weathered small stone 'Pyramid' Tomb 11.50  
Egypt 2503 Large Pyramid Tomb 20.00 aenk2518.jpg (4333 bytes)
Egypt 2504 Small 'Mastaba' Tomb - stone construction with twin 'false doors', lift off roof, internal chapel and burial shaft 12.50 Mvc-024s.jpg (26810 bytes)
Egypt 2505 Ruined, Desecrated or Excavated 'Equid Burial'. 'Equid and human remains guard the entrance to the ruined mud brick chamber where the occupant of the tomb lies surrounded by their earthly possessions.' Suitable for use from the Middle Kingdom onwards. 11.50 Egypt 25-05.jpg (37669 bytes)
Egypt 2506 Pair of Ram Headed Sphinxes 8.50 Egypt 25-06.jpg (23105 bytes)
Egypt 2507a Pair of Pharaoh Headed Sphinxes 8.50 Egypt25-07.jpg (20740 bytes)
Egypt 2507b Weathered pair of different 7a sphinxes 8.50 Egypt 25-07b  a.jpg (25108 bytes)
Egypt 2508 Pair of 'Lionised' Pharaoh Headed Sphinxes 8.50 Egypt 25-08 a.jpg (21361 bytes)
Egypt 2509 Pair of sphinxes - Female in 'Vulture' Headdress 8.50 Egypt 25-09.jpg (23623 bytes)
Egypt 2512 Pair of Lotiform Ramesside Pillars 8.50 egypt2512a.jpg (21487 bytes)
Egypt 2513a Pair of Striding Pose Pharaonic Statues 10.00  
Egypt 2513b Pair of Anubis Statues 10.00  
Egypt 2514 Pair of highly decorated Obelisks (20cm high) 15.00  
Egypt 2515 Small stone building with lift off roof, separate door and idol(can also be used as tomb, shrine or domicile) 10.00 Egypt 25-15.jpg (21094 bytes)
Egypt 2517 Barrel-vaulted building (suitable as Egyptian, Nubian, Numidian, Carthaginian, Roman, Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Mitanian or Syrian storage building, tomb or domestic building 8.50 aenk2516.jpg (4631 bytes)
Egypt 2518 Block of 4 Barrel-vaulted buildings as above 15.00 Egypt 25-18 a.jpg (28121 bytes)
Domestic Models
Egypt 2521 4 roomed house - typical dwelling of Egyptian skilled labourer. With lift off roof and internal detailing and separate oven, grindstone and pots. 12.50 egypt2521b.jpg (30839 bytes)
Egypt 2522 Fortified farmhouse or walled factory with lift off roof. Complete with a choice of accessories, please specify:
20.00 egypt2522a.jpg (26427 bytes)
Egypt 2523 Walled two storey Farmhouse with lift off roof 20.00 Egypt25-23     1.jpg (22403 bytes)
Egypt 2524 Two storey town house with external stairway 10.00 aenk2505.jpg (10295 bytes)
Egypt 2525 Double two storey town house with fancy roof 11.00 aenk2506.jpg (12858 bytes)
Egypt 2526 3 Storey town house with external stair to first floor 12.00 aenk2507.jpg (5946 bytes)
Egypt 2527

3 storey town house

12.00 aenk2508.jpg (5774 bytes)
Egypt 2528 Thatched stall 5.00 aenk2509.jpg (6784 bytes)
Egypt 2529 Large walled granary 11.50 egypt2529a.jpg (25725 bytes)
Egypt 2530 'Beehive' type granary (suitable for whole of the Middle East from ancient times to present day) 10.00 egypt2530a.jpg (18854 bytes)
Egypt 2541 Town walling (12" long x 4" high) 12.50 egypt2541a.jpg (18033 bytes)
Egypt 2542 Town walling (6" long by 4 " high) 6.50  
Egypt 2543 Town walling with integral Interval Tower 17.50  
Egypt 2544 Breached town walling 12.50  
Egypt 2545 Town walling corner 12.50  
Egypt 2546 Town walling corner with integral tower 17.50  
Egypt 2547 Town walling steps 4.00  
Egypt 2548 Town walling Migdol gate with separate door 10.00 egypt2548a.jpg (21415 bytes)
AENK 2561* New Kingdom Galley 27.50 aenk25192.jpg (7447 bytes)
AENK 2562 Merchant ship 27.50 aenk251910.jpg (7546 bytes)

  * This ship comes with a choice of figurehead. Choose from: Lion of Nubia, Dark Destroyer (Seth in hippo form), Shining Sobek (crocodile) or Golden Guardian (lion).

Extra pots, jars, grindstones, breadovens, mulkufs and mangers may be purchased separately at 50p each.

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