25mm - Ancient Greece

Suitable for Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods of Greece and it's colonies. Also suitable for use in a Roman/Etruscan/Campanian/Cartaginian etc setting. All buildings in this range have lift off roofs and internal detail.

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Cultic Models
Greece 25-01 'Spring' House - Beautiful religious building housing a natural spring. Complete with 4 fountain heads, jars and internal reservoir. 20.00  
Greece 25-02 Shrine or small temple 20.00  
Greece 25-03 Small Altar 2.00  
Greece 25-04 Large Altar 3.00  
Domestic Models
Greece 25-11 Courtyard House - typical dwelling of the well to do Citizen. Can be used as a farm or city building 30.00  
Greece 25-15 Block of 3  Workrooms/Storerooms/Domiciles 20.00 greece 25-15.jpg (17078 bytes)
Greece 25-16 Penal complex. Large walled compound enclosing 6 cells and an exercise yard overlooked by  a combined administration block/watchtower 60.00  





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