25mm - AZTEC

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Aztec 2501 Precinct/ Enclosure/City Walling. Features a wide (over 2 inches) parapet walkway, with stepped access, underneath is a colonnade suitable for use as market stalls. (12 inch length) 12.50 aztec_25-01_c.jpg (9077 bytes)
Aztec 2502 Precinct/ Enclosure/City Walling (6 inch length) 6.50  
Aztec 2503 Breached Precinct/Enclosure/City Walling 12.50  
Aztec 2504 Precinct/ Enclosure/City Corner Walling 12.50  
Aztec 2505a Gate of the Great Ones. Grand entrance featuring reliefs of Quetzelcoatl - God of Creation/Knowledge and Huitzilopochtli - God of the Sun/War and Patron God of the Aztecs (12 inch length) 17.50  
Aztec 2505b Gate of the Waters. Grand Entrance featuring reliefs of Tlaloc- Rain God and Chalchiuhtlicue - Goddess of Lakes 17.50  
Aztec 2505c Gate of the Smoking Mirror. Grand Entrance with reliefs of Tezcatlipoca - God of Fate and Mictlantecuhtli - God of the Dead 17.50  
Aztec 2505d Gate of the Flayed One. Grand Entrance with reliefs of Xipe Totec - God of Springtime and Chicomecoatl 0 Goddess of Agriculture 17.50  
Aztec 2506a Pair of Crouching Jaguar Knights 8.50 Aztec 25-06.jpg (27913 bytes)
Aztec 26-06b Pair of Lizard Spinxes 8.50 Aztec25-06b   b.jpg (23724 bytes)
Aztec 2507a Cult Statue of Coatlicue (Great Lady Serpent Skirt - the Fearsome Aztec Earth Mother Goddess) on stepped podium 12.50 Aztec 25-07a.jpg (26976 bytes)
Aztec 2507b Aztec Serpent Deity on Dais 12.50 aztec 25-07b  a.jpg (26091 bytes)
Aztec 2508 Stepped Pyramid. This fantastic model comprises of a four stage stepped pyramid, capped by a skull encrusted shrine 50.00  
Aztec 2509 Large decorated disc (8cm diameter) depicting the slain and dismembered moon goddess Coyolxauhqui (copy of the disc found at the foot of the temple pyramid of Huitzilopotchtli at Tenochtitlan) 5.00 Aztec25-09 b.jpg (37354 bytes)
Aztec 2510 Pair of 'Chac Mool' (reclining deity) sacrificial altars 3.00 Aztec 25-10.jpg (22728 bytes)
The following buildings have internal detailing and lift off roofs
Aztec 2511 Small Aztec House 7.50 Aztec 25-11.jpg (18112 bytes)
Aztec 2512 Double Aztec House 12.50 Aztec 25-12.jpg (22626 bytes)
Aztec 2513 Corner Aztec House 12.50 Aztec 25-13.jpg (21048 bytes)
Aztec 2514 Aztec House with walled courtyard 15.00 Aztec 25-14.jpg (21223 bytes)
Aztec 2515a Small Aztec Bridge. Twin linked Chinampas 12.50  
Aztec 2515b Medium Aztec Bridge. Triple linked Chinampas 17.50  
Aztec 2515c Large Aztec Bridge. Quadruple linked Chinampas 22.50  
Aztec 2516 Chinampa - Aztec plot (6 inches square) 6.50  
Aztec 2517 Aztec Sauna House 12.50 Aztec 25-17.jpg (20961 bytes)
Aztec 2518 Aztec Thatched Peasant House 10.00 Aztec 25-18.jpg (31346 bytes)
Aztec 2519 Large Aztec Granary with log ladder 12.50 Aztec 25-20.jpg (19673 bytes)
Aztec 2520 Small Granary 8.00  
Aztec 2521 Small Canoe 3.50  
Aztec 2522 Medium canoe 5.00  
Aztec 2523 Large Canoe 6.50  
Aztec 2524 Conquistador Brigante (Gunship used in the naval assault of Tenochtitlan) 15 inch length 35.00 aztec_25-24_a.jpg (8825 bytes)




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