25mm CHINA - 2000B.C - 2000 A.D

A new and comprehensive range of models covering Chinese History from the Shang Kingdom (1700BC) to the present day. All buildings have a one piece, lift off roof (most buildings have a choice of roof types for increased versatility), open cast windows and doorways, and separate doors

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Peasant Buildings
(suitable for use as farm, fortified settlement or town buildings)
Available with a choice of roof types, please specify:
b-Tetrahedral Thatch
c-Thatch roof with veranda
e- Tetrahedral tile

China 2501 Plastered peasant's domicile  10.00  
China 2502 Stone peasant's domicile  10.00  
China 2503 Half timber peasant's domicile 10.00  
China 2504 Cowshed 10.00  
China 2505 Pigsty with butchers block and lavatory 12.50  
China 2506 Chicken hut  10.00  
China 2507 Lambing shed 10.00  
China 2508 Round stilted granary 10.00  
China 2509 Long stilted granary 10.00  
China 2510 Forge and Smithy (can also be used as glassworks) 15.00  
China 2511 Paper factory  20.00  
Yamen/Town Buildings
(these can also be used to represent wealthy rural buildings)

Single Storey Buildings
The following buildings have a choice of the following roof types, please specify:
a - thatch 
b - tetrahedral thatch
c - tile
d - bamboo

China 2521 Latticed half timber building 15.00  
China 2522 Plastered building 15.00 China 25-22c b.jpg (34682 bytes)
China 2523 Half timber building 15.00 China 25-23c a.jpg (36790 bytes)
China 2524 Brick Building 15.00  
Two Storey Buildings
The following buildings have a choice of roof types, please specify: 
'a' - Thatch
'b' - Tetrahedral Thatch
'c' - Tile
'd' - Bamboo
'e' - with Balcony
'f' -  with Watchtower/Drumtower/Belltower
China 2525 Latticed half timber building 20.00  
China 2526 Plaster and latticed half timber building 20.00 China 25-26c a.jpg (26077 bytes)
China 2527 Half timber building 20.00 China 25-27c a.jpg (25541 bytes)
China 2528 Brick/half timber building 20.00  
China 2529 Archway building 20.00  
Three Storey Buildings
The following buildings have the same choice of roof types as the Two Storey Buildings above. Please specify
China 2530 Latticed half timber building 25.00  
China 2531 Plaster and latticed half timber building 25.00  
China 2532 Half timber building 25.00 China 25-32c b.jpg (24514 bytes)
China 2533 Brick/half timber building 25.00  
China 2534 Archway building 25.00  
These back onto any of the Yamen/Town buildings
China 2535 Plastered Shop 10.00  
China 2536 Half timbered shop 10.00  
The following pieces are designed to enclose a farm, fortified settlement, town, or form the courtyard of a Yamen
China 2541 Walling length 6 inches 2.50  
China 2542 Walling length with moon gate 2.50  
China 2543 Walling length with window 2.50  
China 2544 Corner 2.50  
China 2545 Gate 7.50  
China 2546 Tower Gate 15.00  
China 2547 Watch Tower 15.00  

More walling to follow including early-Han Dynasty (202bc - 220ad), and later Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) Great Wall sections.

Religious Buildings  
China 2561 Shang Temple/Shrine/Tomb 15.00  

Coming soon: Pagoda






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