Scale 1/48 - 36mm-40mm

Disturbia is a new Fantasy Horror range of figures set in a perpetually dark nightmare world. Rival Goth-Lords vie for domination of Pyrate City. The Circus Macabre is also fractured, and has its own internal struggles – and ultimate aims. Unstable and Sadistic Bogeymen each with their own unique agenda prowl the land. Outlanders enforce their own brand of law outside the cities. Into this backdrop of petty squabbling, there is a much darker threat arising – Vortigern and his twisted army of Sandmen are coming to enforce their own fascistic type of order – the New Dawn. 

The following passage gives a taste  of this world:

"The sensation of falling as we dream is one we are all familiar with. Playground lore tells us that if we do not wake before landing we will die. Stepping on the cracks in the pavement will surely make the Bears attack, and Raw-head lives beneath our beds - only the blanket pulled over our heads can save us! As children we know this is true. In our adulthood we laugh at such things yet secretly we still believe them .Our dreams are still populated by the dark ghosts of the night. Now imagine a place were such thing are reality?

Welcome to Disturbia.

Viewed from the turbulent sky the island of Disturbia does not seem so vast, but once your feet are planted on the dark earth it could take a lifetime to go from one shore to the other - providing you could survive its many denizens along the way. For this is a place peopled by the wicked and twisted. Pyrates in their great rotting city on the bay, the Circus Macabre as it wanders the twilight plains and the Sandmen who come in the night & whose purpose is not yet known. In the dark places the lost children recite their prayer “Spare us the Cutter, oh spare us the Cutter and his steely knives.”

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SANDMEN - Click here for more background - SANDMEN

SM001 Pack of 4 Sandmen with MG £10.99 SM001.jpg (52329 bytes)
SM011 Pack of 4 Sandmen in Gas Mask, with MG £10.99 SM011.jpg (54737 bytes)
SM021 Pack of 4 Sandmen in Greatcoat,  with MG £10.99 SM021 Sandman.jpg (42133 bytes)
SM031 Pack of 4  Sandmen in Greatcoat and Gas Mask  with MG £10.99 SM031.jpg (53833 bytes)
SM051 Sandman NCO's in Greatcoat (2 variants) £6.99 SM051.jpg (46805 bytes)
SM068 Sandman Officers in Greatcoat with MG (2 variants) £6.99 SM068.jpg (46421 bytes)
SM070 Rampager Handlers   SM070.jpg (38135 bytes)
SM071 Rampager £6.50 SM071.jpg (42849 bytes)
SM072 Rampager advancing £6.50 SM072.jpg (46529 bytes)
SM091 Vortigerm - overlord of the Sandmen £3.50 SM091.jpg (38465 bytes)
SM092 Vortigerm with coat of his shoulders £3.50 SM092.jpg (36525 bytes)
SM101 Pack 1 of 5 Drudges £10.99 SM101.jpg (428809 bytes)
SM102 Pack 2 of 5 Drudges £10.99  

CIRCUS MACABRE - Click here for background - Circus Macabre

Twisted Clowns
CM001 Pierrot -tall thin sad clown, with a knife behind his back & Boniface - Hideous clown with mask £6.99 CM001.jpg (48797 bytes)
CM002 Carlo and Angelo - The Collectors £6.99
CM003 Massimo - Big, Fat, Manic Clown £5.00 CM002.jpg (394537 bytes)
CM006 Pack of Evil Midget Clowns £10.99
CM011 Giant Enraged Teddy Bear with Handler £10.99

Evil Puppet-Masters and their Cortege - Click here for more background on the weird and wonderful world of these dolls: DOLLS AND QUACKS

CM101 Punch and Judy £6.99 CM101.jpg (384085 bytes)
CM111 Twisted Toys 1 £5.99 CM111.jpg (56897 bytes)
CM112 Twisted Toys 2 £5.99 CM112.jpg (56049 bytes)
CM113 Twisted Toys 3 (Golly, Harlequin, Pierrot, Napoleon, Peter and Nellie) £6.99 CM113.jpg (41573 bytes)


CM121 Exhibit 1 (Human Worm and Conjoined Twins) £6.99

Deranged Showmen

CM141 Ringmaster with Dwarf £6.99
CM151 Strongman and assistant £10.99
CITY OF THE PYRATES - Click here for background - The Dark Pope
Goth Lords
PY001 Lord Hook with 'Colours' Bearer £3.50
PY004 Papa Sabbato - the Dark Pope & his High Priestess - 'Velvet' Louisa Dominico £6.99 PY004.jpg (51513 bytes)
PY011 Ju-Ju men with Swords £10.99 PY011.jpg (53097 bytes)
PY013 Ju-Ju men attacking £10.99 PY013.jpg (48569 bytes)
PY014 Ju-Ju men advancing £10.00 PY014.jpg (51526 bytes)
OUTLANDERS - Click here for background - SIN-EATER
OL001 Manfred Sure-shot & Chamelon Curtis £6.99 OL001.jpg (39336 bytes)
OL003 Dragon Lady and Edward Tench £6.99 OL003.jpg (51549 bytes)
OL005 Jupiter Matthews and Cyclops Kelly £6.99 OL005.jpg (52625 bytes)
OL007 'Mistress' Helena £3.50 OL007 Mistress Helena.jpg (13694 bytes)
OL009 The Preacher and Mad Peter capering with his puppet familiar £6.99 OL009.jpg (53212 bytes)
OL011 Sin-eater with skull mask & Sin Eater Charging £6.99 OL011.jpg (41905 bytes)
OL021 Cain and Lester £6.99 OL021.jpg (48837 bytes)
OL041 The Raggedy-man and a Scare-crow £6.99 OL041.jpg (45623 bytes)
OL042 Mr Pumpkinhead and Griswald the Scarecrows £6.99
BM001 The Cutter £3.50 BM001.jpg (44425 bytes)
BM002 The Red Legged Scissor Man £3.50
BM003 Mr Magyck £3.50



TG001 Dominators - 'The Butcher' and 'The Doctor' £6.99
TG002 Dominators - 'Frenzied Slaughterer' and The Wobbler' £6.99  
TG008 Pack of 4 Frenzied Gibberers £10.99
TG011 Mistress Tara and Mistress Abigail £6.99 TG011.jpg (49189 bytes)


TG021 The Gimp Guard - pair of Female Submissives with Blades   TG021 Gimp-Guard.jpg (39947 bytes)
TG022 The Gimp Guard - Female Submissives with blades £6.99  
TG023 The Gimp Guard - Female Submissives with blades £6.99