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This page will show miscellaneous pictures from our range and other sources over the coming months.

We start the page with a selection of pictures of Monolith WWII ruins and bunkers adapted by a local wargamer called Bob Peyton. As you can see, Bob has taken our pieces and put them to good use in a number of outstanding diorama style displays.

Although our catalogue states that our WWII terrain is suitable for 20mm gaming, Bob has shown that it can be adapted for most scales including 25mm and 30mm. Well done Bob and thanks for the pictures.

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The following pictures show our Turf Fort range in all of it's glory. You'll have to forgive the 'backdrop' in the first three pictures but Steve Mussared (Monolith founder) couldn't resist the chance to dress up (he claimed he didn't have a piece of cloth big enough to go in the background).

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If anyone else out there has pictures of our range actually being used then e-mail us the pictures and we'll try to show them.


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