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GH 25-01 Pair of Skull headed sphinxes 8.50 GH Skull Sphinx.jpg (22771 bytes)
GH 25-02 Pair of Mummy headed sphinxes 8.50 GH Mummy Sphinx.jpg (23761 bytes)
GH 25-03 'Lords of the nercopolis' - Pair of Mummy Statues 10.00  
GH 25-04 'Queens of the Damned' - Pair of Female Mummy Statues 10.00  


GH 25-21a Empty stone sarcophagus with separate lid 1.00  
GH 25-21b Rotting corpse inside stone sarcophagus 1.50  
GH25-21c Vampire inside stone sarcophagus 1.50  
GH25-21d Female vampire inside stone sarcophagus 1.50  
GH25-22a Empty wooden coffin with separate lid  1.00  
GH25-22b Rotting corpse inside coffin 1.50  
GH25-22c Vampire inside coffin 1.50  
GH25-22d Female vampire inside coffin 1.50  
GH25-24a Empty Egyptian Stone Sarcophagus with separate lid 1.25 GH25-24a       a.jpg (21027 bytes)
GH25-27a 'Cannabalistic Degenerates' - Pair of Ghoul Statues 8.50  
GH25-27b 'Bestial Subhumans' - Pair of Ghoul Statues 8.50  
GH25-28 Pair of erect vampire/werebat statues 8.50  
GH25-29 Pair of crouching werewolf statues 8.50 GH werewolf.jpg (27785 bytes)
GH25-30 Set of 4 decorative gravestones 2.50  


GH25-41 Stone pentangle decorated with skulls 3.00  
GH25-42 'Techno' pentangle 3.00  


GH25-51 Reanimation unit with separate corpse 2.50  
GH25-52 Containment unit (for Ethereals, Biohazards, Radiation, etc) 3.00  
GH25-53 Long generator (for linking two pieces together) 3.00  
GH25-54 Truncated generator column 2.00  
GH25-55 Small Square Generator 0.75  
GH25-56 Oblong Gas, Vacuum or Compression unit 2.00  
GH25-57 Large domed containment/compression/reactor unit 5.00  
GH25-58 Small domed containment/compression/reactor unit 2.50  
GH25-59 Pair of pressurised cylinders 1.00  
GH25-60 Control panel with twin lateral conductors 2.00  
GH25-61 Viewscreen with twin lateral conductors 2.00  
GH25-62 Mind transfer device 2.50  
GH 25-71  Large Yeti Cult Idol 10.00  
GH 25-79 Set of 3 'X' Fossils (Angel, Devil and Yeti) 6.00 MVC-030S.JPG (47796 bytes)MVC-032S.JPG (51503 bytes)MVC-033S.JPG (48487 bytes)


GH25-81 Flatbed cryogenic chamber 2.00  
GH25-81 Upright cryogenic chamber 3.00  
GH25-91 Cluster of alien eggs 3.00  
GH25-92 Cluster of hatched alien eggs 3.00  
GH25-93 Cluster of hatching alien eggs 3.00  
GH25-94 Cluster of alien cocoons 3.00  
GH25-95 Cluster of hatched alien cocoons 3.00  
GH25-96 Cluster of hatching alien cocoons 3.00  
GH25-97a Crashed Flying Saucer on Scenic Base 20.00 GH25-97a       a.jpg (28981 bytes)
GH25-97b Captured Flying Saucer on Observation Rig 20.00  
GH25-98a Crashed 'War of the Worlds' Martian Cylinder 20.00  
GH25-98b 'War of the Worlds' Martian War Machine 20.00  


Based on the ravings of H P Lovecraft
GH25-111 Cthulhu Cult Statue 12.50 GH25-111.jpg (22138 bytes)
GH25-112 Tsathoggua Cult Idol on stepped plinth with altar 13.50 GH 25-112 a.jpg (24928 bytes)
GH25-113 Deep One (Father Dagon) Cult Statue 6.50 GH25-113       b.jpg (34684 bytes)
GH25-114 Deep One (Mother Hydra) Cult Statue 6.50 GH25-114       b.jpg (33493 bytes)
GH25-115 Pair of Deep One 'Sphinxes' 8.50 GH25-115      a.jpg (28916 bytes)
GH25-116 Pair of Hound of Tindalos 'Sphinxes' 8.50  
GH25-117 Hunting Horror Cult Statue 8.50 GH25-117      b.jpg (35285 bytes)
GH25-118 Father of Serpents 12.50 GH25-118       a.jpg (27416 bytes)
GH25-131 Prism of Tindalos 8.50 GH25-131      a.jpg (32569 bytes)


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