Code         Description Price Thumbnails
SF BK 30-01a         Small Bunker 10.00
SF BK 30-01b         Destroyed Small Bunker 6.00
SF BK 30-02a         Large; 2-storey Bunker 12.50
SF BK 30-02b         Destroyed Large; 2-storey Bunker 6.00
SF BK 30-03         Medium Carapace 3.50
SF BK 30-04a         Bunker Base with interior detail 12.50
SF BK 30-04b         Destroyed Bunker with interior detail 12.50
SF BK 30-05a         Buttressed Bunker Tower section (shown here with part 30-07 on top) 8.50
SF BK 30-05b         Destroyed Bunker Tower + debris 8.50  
SF BK 30-06a         Bunker Carapace 3.50
SF BK 30-06b         Destroyed Bunker Carapace 3.50
SF BK 30-07         Castellated Bunker Top 4.50  
SF BK 30-08a         Blast Wall (undamaged) 1.00
SF BK 30-08b         Blast Wall (damaged) 1.00
SF BK 30-08c         Blast Wall (end collapsed) 1.00
SF BK 30-08d         Blast Wall (breached) 1.00 SFBK30-08d_a.jpg (10996 bytes)
SF BK 30-09         Blast Wall - Tall Corner 1.00
SF BK 30-10         Blast Wall - End Piece 1.00
SF BK 30-11         Blast Wall - Tall Interval Piece 1.00
SF BK 30-12         Metal Blast Wall with pipework detail 2.50
SF BK 30-13         Metal Blast Wall; outer corner 3.00
SF BK 30-14         Metal Blast Wall; inner corner 3.00
SF BK 30-15         Straight Pipework assembly 2.50
SF BK 30-16         Large Buttress 5.00
SF BK 30-17         Short-Based Buttress 3.00
SF BK 30-18         Large Pipework Unit 3.00
SF BK 30-19         Damaged Large Pipework Unit 2.00
SF BK 30-20         Water Purification Unit (Gang objective) 1.80 SFBK30-20_b.jpg (7913 bytes)
SF BK 30-21         Micro-Fusion Generator (Gang objective) 1.50
SF BK 30-22         Small Pipework 1.00
SF BK 30-23         Improvised Open Heavy Weapons Bunker 10.00
SF BK 30-24         Imperial Gatehouse / Hardpoint 25.00
SF BK 30-25a         Imperial Strongpoint Walling (a) 10.00
SF BK 30-25b         Imperial Strongpoint Walling (b) 10.00  
SF BK 30-25c         Ramparted steps for Walling 7.50  
SF BK 30-25d         Breached Imperial Strongpoint Wall 10.00  
SF BK 30-26         Imperial Strongpoint 45 Wall Corner 5.00  
SF BK 30-27         Imperial Strongpoint Corner Tower 15.00  
SF BK 30-28         Imperial HQ Bunker 25.00  
SF BK 30-29         Imperial HQ Support Building TBA  
SF BK 30-30         Improvised Vehicle revetment/Very Heavy            Weapons Bunker 12.00  

Items 01a and 02a have observation slits and an open-topped, walled roof platform. The medium carapace is a two-piece expansion with support pillars to provide firing slits and a heavy cover for bunkers 01 and 02, giving extra protection for their observation platforms. The support pillars can be used either way up to give high or low vision slits. The cover can also be used without the pillars to form a closed roof on the bunkers.

Items 04 to 07 inclusive can be used to build an armoured tower with a bunker base and fire or observation platform. 01b and 02b are destroyed versions of these two models with interior detail to provide ground level cover for infantry.

A single-storey bunker can be made with items 04a and 06a. A destroyed version of this bunker can be made with items 04b and 06b. 04b is also supplied with two large debris sections suitable for improvised cover.

Items 08 to 10 inclusive can be used to make a blast protection wall or permanent hard cover for infantry.

Items 12 to 19 can be used for exterior or interior heavy industrial cover.

Items 20 to 22 can serve as important pieces of machinery suitable for gang objectives in campaigns. See also the Wartech Undercity range

The latest model is the large Command Bunker or Hardpoint, model 24. This is a multi-part model featuring an archway that can be used as a fortified gatehouse for the modular walling sections, 25 to 27. See SFBK 30-24 & SFBK 30-25 as an example.

The Imperial HQ Bunker is a multi-part kit comprising modular wall units, a large carapace top and separate vehicle lift.

Some bunker combinations:

10,8a.jpg (8085 bytes)11,8a,8b.jpg (10910 bytes)9,8a,8b.jpg (12327 bytes)Metal Blast Wall (a).jpg (13827 bytes)

Models shown are from Games Workshop range of figures.

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