25mm - HOLY LAND

A range of buildings suitable for Palestine, Syria and most of the "Fertile Crescent". The fortifications are suitable for use from the late Bronze Age (which roughly parallels New Kingdom Egypt) to the Iron Age of the Assyrians and babylonians. The pieces are suitable for Caananite, Hebrew, Phoenecian, Philistine, Syrian, Assyrian, Elamite, Chaldean, Medean, etc. This style of "Zigarutted" castellation reappeared in the Achaemenid and Sassanid Persian styles and also in post Crusader Islamic styles. The breached wall is a two piece unit that when placed together is the same length as a standard wall. These are suitable for periods from 8000BC to 2000AD at any location where adobe buildings exceed a single storey. HL25-20 is also suitable for use as a Colonial North West Frontier/Afghan watchtower.

Code          Description  Price Thumbnails
HL 25-01 City/Fort Walling - 9 inches long 12.50 hl25011.jpg (4485 bytes)
HL 25-02 City/Fort Gate (to be used with 2 x HL 25-03 or 2 x HL 25-04) 8.50  
HL 25-03 City/Fort Corner Tower 15.00 hl2503.jpg (3949 bytes)
HL 25-04 City/Fort Interval Tower 15.00  
HL 25-05 Breached Wall 12.50 hl25051.jpg (4249 bytes)
HL 25-06 Meggido style gate – Twin tower gatehouse leading onto walled courtyard 40.00  
HL 25-07 Large Courtyard House 20.00 hl25071.jpg (5851 bytes)
HL 25-08 Migdol Gate 10.00 hl2508.jpg (4288 bytes)
HL 25-09 City/Fort Walling - half length of HL 25-01 6.50 hl25091.jpg (4779 bytes)
HL 25-10 Large Assyrian War Machine 16.50 hl25101.jpg (13480 bytes)
HL 25-11 Mud Brick or Stone Two Storey Block of 4 Houses built  back-to-back 11.00 hl25111.jpg (9027 bytes)
HL 25-12 Mud Brick or Stone Single; Two-Storey Building with Flat Roof (also Hittite style) 8.00 hl25121.jpg (8759 bytes)
HL 25-13 Mud Brick Roof Kiosk (expansion for HL 25-11 and HL 25-12) 3.00 hl2513.jpg (7956 bytes)
HL 25-14 Mud Brick Roof Kiosk with Door (expansion for HL 25-11) 3.00 hl2514.jpg (7518 bytes)
HL 25-15 Plastered 2-Storey Block of 4 Houses built back-to-back with External Stair 11.00 hl25151.jpg (5415 bytes)
HL 25-16 Plastered 2-Storey Building 8.00 hl25161.jpg (5132 bytes)
HL 25-17 Plastered Two-Storey Single Building with Porch and Roof  Garden 9.00 hl25171.jpg (5148 bytes)
HL 25-18 Plastered Roof Kiosk - expansion for HL 25-16 and HL 25-17 3.00 hl2518.jpg (4871 bytes)
HL 25-19 Plastered Single-Storey Building with External Stairway 7.00 hl25191.jpg (5129 bytes)
HL 25-20 2-Storey mud brick or stone building with watch-tower; suitable as a rural building or outside the perimeter of a city or fortress  walling 16.50 HL25201.jpg (6027 bytes)
HL 25-21 Altar on raised dais 3.00 hl2521.jpg (3860 bytes)
HL 25-22 Small Domed Fancy Building 7.00 hl2522.jpg (4025 bytes)
HL 25-23 Small Domed Building 7.00 hl2523.jpg (4061 bytes)
HL 25-24 Large Domed Building 10.00 hl2524.jpg (4480 bytes)
HL25-25 Two Canaanite/Phoenician/Punic 'Massabahs' or 'Netsib', (cult standing stones, found at a 'High Place') dedicated to 'Tanit'. One bearing a pictogram of the Goddess, the other depicting a pair of hands praying to the sun and crescent moon (or eclipse) 3.00 HL 25-25.jpg (22016 bytes)
HL25-26 Four Canaanite/Phoenician/Punic Anthropomorphic Grave Stelae (Baal Hammon, male, smiling mask and grimacing mask) 2.50  
HL25-27 Circular Watchtower with spiral stairway 15.00 HL25-27.jpg (28380 bytes)
HL25-28 Large tent. The type used by Nomadic tribes in the Middle East and North Africa from about 3000BC to the present. It is also suitable for campaign tents for Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, etc 10.00  
HL25-29 Pair of Lamassu (Human Headed Winged Bulls) 10.00 HL25-29         1.jpg (26994 bytes)
HL25-30a Pair of Necropolis Sphinxes with Grimacing Masks 8.50 HL25-30a (1).jpg (25233 bytes)
HL25-30b Pair of Necropolis Sphinxes with Smiling Masks 8.50 HL25-30b (1).jpg (24751 bytes)
HL25-30c Pair of Necropolis Sphinxes with Laughing Masks 8.50 HL25-30c (1).jpg (26046 bytes)
HL25-30d Pair of Necropolis Sphinxes with Sneering Masks 8.50 HL25-30d (1).jpg (25180 bytes)

The following links are pictures of a variety of combinations of the above building pieces including some Ancient Egyptian steps which are also compatible:


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