The Dungeon Corridor System consists of modular pieces representing roughly-dressed stone corridors and rooms, suitable for 15mm, 25mm or the semi scale "space marine" type gaming figures. The basic floor unit is 30mm square and raised edge pieces represent walls. The system enables large complex sets of corridors and rooms to be quickly created, aiding visualisation of situations for role-playing gaming and small unit combat alike. Corridors and rooms are sized in multiples of the basic unit, thus a "3 x 3" panel is 90mm x 90mm, and a "2-long corridor" is 30mm wide by, 60mm long with 10mm wide raised panels along either edge.

The edge plates are slotted to permit door panels or frames to be inserted to indicate open arches, or open or closed doors. A wide variety of accessory pieces are also available.

The system is fully compatible with the Science Fiction Corridor System, and accessories and floor panels can be interchanged between them.

Large corridor layouts can be quickly created. Complete corridor systems can be built, or a small number of components re-used as required to map local areas, creating a "rolling map" of a much larger complex.

The room components can be used to create a large number of square or rectangular rooms, the room entrances becoming transitions from one room width to another. Floor centre panels (without the wall edge strips) can also be used to create large, free form rooms.

Code         Description Unpainted Price Painted Price
DC1-1         Straight corridor 1 long 0.30 TBA
DC1-2         Straight corridor 2 long 0.60 TBA
DC1-3         Straight corridor 3 long 0.90 TBA
DC1-4         Straight corridor 4 long 1.20 TBA
DC1-PE         Plain end 0.30 TBA
DC1-VE         Plain end with vertical drop 0.60 TBA
DC1-VET         Trapdoor for DC1-VE may be used as generic trapdoor 0.30 TBA
DC1-L         Corner 0.90 TBA
DC1-T         "T" junction 1.20 TBA
DC1-X         Crossover 1.50 BTA
DC1-2P         Straight corridor 2 long with pitfall 0.60 TBA
DC1-FS         Short flight of steps (Dungeon entrance) 0.60 TBA
DC1-SS         Straight stairway* 2.50 TBA
DC1-SL         Left hand stairway* 2.50 TBA
DC1-SR         Right hand stairway* 2.50 TBA
DC1-SP         Vertical spacer 2.50 TBA
DC1-A1         Round rough-hewn stone archway 3.00 TBA
DC1-A2         Square dressed stone archway with decorated lintel 3.00 TBA
DC1-A3         Mayan type archway of tight-fitting stone blocks 3.00 TBA

*Each stairway (DC1-SS, DC1-SL or DC1-SR) rises by 15mm Use vertical spacers DC1-SP to raise to higher levels. Three increases in level (any combination of stairways) matches the height of the archways (DC-A1, DC-A2) with a bridge section (DA-B1 - see accessories list) or standard floor sections on top.


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