Code          Description Price Thumbnails
Bk 20-01A         Pillbox 3.50
Bk 20-01B         Pillbox with Sand Bags 3.50
Bk 20-01C         Pillbox with Exposed Foundation 3.50
Bk 20-02A         Tobruk Pit 4.50
Bk 20-02B         Tobruk Pit with Sandbags 4.50
Bk 20-03         Flak Emplacement 5.50
Bk 20-04         Heavy Machine Gun Bunker 6.50
Bk 20-05A         Flak Bunker 7.50
Bk 20-05B         Fortified Flak Bunker 8.00
Bk 20-06*         German Coastal Gun Emplacement 22.50
Bk 20-07         German D Shaped MG Bunker 6.50  

*This is a monster of a piece measuring about 180mm x 230mm (7 x 9 inches). It has a removable carapace revealing internal detail.

A new range of Japanese bunkers, pillboxes and coastal defences is also about to be released. Please e-mail or phone for details

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