25mm Ancient and Medieval Accessories

A range of accessories specially designed to compliment and add greater depth of detail to our Ancient, Medieval, Aztec, Adobe, China and Colonial Africa ranges. Many of the pieces have, of course, an even wider application.

Code  Description Price Thumbnail
ACC2501 Set of 10 Assorted Jars 3.00  
ACC2502 Set of 3 different plinths of jars/baskets. suitable for shops and markets or offerings, etc 3.00  
ACC2506 Set of 6 assorted large barrels 3.00  
ACC2508 Set of 8 assorted large crates/chests 4.00  
ACC2511 Set of 5 (2 small, 2 medium, 1 large) bread ovens and 1 quern 5.00 Acc25-11 a.jpg (22085 bytes)
ACC2512 Cooking pit - pot and logs in stone surround 1.00 Acc25-12 a.jpg (21517 bytes)
ACC2514 Large cooking hob with chimney 4.00  
ACC2521 Large 'Beehive' kiln 3.00 Acc25-21 a.jpg (21189 bytes)
ACC2522 Large raised 'beehive' kiln 4.00 Acc25-22 a.jpg (23828 bytes)
ACC2525 Mudbrick/Stone 'beehive' furnace (for metals or glass) with ore baskets and slag pile 5.00 Acc25-25 a.jpg (23559 bytes)
ACC2526 Simple stone and clay furnace with ore baskets and slag pile 5.00 Acc25-26 a.jpg (27268 bytes)
ACC2531 Stone trough (food or water) with twin hitching posts 1.00 Acc25-31 a.jpg (18904 bytes)
ACC2532 Large stone feeding trough 2.00 Acc25-32 a.jpg (27885 bytes)
ACC2535 Large Stone Fountain (with Lion-Head spouts) 10.00 Acc25-35.jpg (20963 bytes)
ACC2538 Small thatched stall 2.00  
ACC2539 Medium thatched stall 3.00  
ACC2540 Large thatched stall 5.00  






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