A new range of models dealing with 'tribal' Europe from before the Bronze Age (c.4000BC) to the Feudal Period (13th cen. AD). All buildings have internal as well as external detail, one-piece lift off roofs and, where appropriate, separate doors.

Part One - The Longhouse

The backbone of the Ancient Europe range is a series of longhouses. The longhouse existed for the entire span of this period, and changed very little, except for the roof details. With this in mind, each building comes with the following choice of roof types:

a) Tetrahedral Thatch
b) Thatch
c) Thatch with wind-eyes at gable ends
d) Turf
e) Shingle (polygonal wooden tiles

Code Description Price


AEU25-01 Large Wattle & Daub Longhouse 12.50

aeu2501c.jpg (9931 bytes) 

AEU25-02 Large Stone Longhouse 12.50


AEU25-03 Large Vertical Log Longhouse 12.50

aeu2503d.jpg (11403 bytes) 

AEU25-04 Large Horizontal Plank Longhouse 12.50

 aeu2504b.jpg (10799 bytes)

AEU25-05 Large Storehouse/Animal Byre 12.50

  aeu2505a.jpg (25987 bytes)

AEU25-06 Medium Wattle & Daub Longhouse 10.00

aeu2506b.jpg (9765 bytes) 

AEU25-07 Medium Stone Longhouse 10.00


AEU25-08 Medium Vertical Log Longhouse 10.00

  aeu2508b.jpg (9682 bytes)

AEU25-09 Medium Horizontal Plank Longhouse 10.00

 aeu2509d.jpg (11433 bytes)

AEU25-10 Medium Storehouse/Animal Byre 10.00

  aeu2510a.jpg (25527 bytes)

AEU25-11 Small Wattle & Daub Longhouse 7.50


AEU25-12 Small Stone Longhouse 7.50


AEU25-13 Small Vertical Log Longhouse 7.50


AEU25-14 Small Horizontal Plank Longhouse 7.50


AEU25-15 Small Storehouse/Animal Byre 7.50



Part Two - Specialist Buildings

To complement the longhouse

Code Description Price


AEU25-31 Large Celtic Roundhouse with Porch 20.00

  Aeu_25-31_b.jpg (7541 bytes)

AEU25-32 Medium Roundhouse 10.00


AEU25-33 Round Animal Byre 8.00

aue2533b.jpg (31063 bytes) 

AEU25-34 Stilted Granary 8.00


AEU25-35 Celtic Temple 20.00


AEU 25-36 Celtic Stone Totems/cult stelae (x4 different) 3.00  
AEU 25-37 Large graven image of Danu - The Earth Mother Goddess 10.00 AEu25-37         1.jpg (32289 bytes)
AEU 25-38 Portal of Danu - Dolman decorated with Blodeuwedd (Maiden aspect of Danu) holding aloft the Cauldron of Plenty) 10.00  
AEU 25-39 Cult Portal of Cernunnos - The Horned One 12.50 AEu25-39        1.jpg (32516 bytes)
AEU25-41 Pictish Broch 20.00

 AEu 25-41.jpg (42960 bytes)

AEU25-51 Germanic/Viking Great Hall 20.00

  aeu2551a.jpg (31914 bytes)

AEU25-52 Germanic/Slavic/Viking Temple 20.00


AEU25-53a Large Viking Tent (open) 12.50


AEU25-53b Large Viking Tent (closed) 12.50


AEU25-54a Medium Viking Tent (open) 10.00


AEU25-54b Medium Viking Tent (closed) 10.00


AEU25-55a Small Viking Tent (open) 7.50


AEU25-55b Small Viking Tent (closed) 7.50


AEU25-56 Germanic/Slavic/Viking stone totems/cult stelae (x3) 3.00  
AEU25-57 Pair of highly decorated, anthropomorphic standing stones 5.00 Aeu25-57 a.jpg (38800 bytes)
AEU25-58 Pair of monolithic carved lions 10.00 aeu 25-58 a.jpg (30572 bytes)
AEU25-59 Pair of monolithic carved warhounds 10.00 aeu 25-59 a.jpg (22407 bytes)



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