Various scales - WARTECH UNDERCITY

These represent metal and concrete structures suitable for science fiction miniatures wargaming, providing cover and objectives for skirmish or small-unit type combat. The pieces have a used and abused look suitable for abandoned city or factory layouts.

The modular building enables rectangular units approximately 70mm high to be built, providing cover for troops. Roofs may be added using the walkway and platforms listed below.

The pieces were originally intended for 20 to 30 mm scale figures, but are fairly scale-less, permitting them to be used from micro-armour ("epic") to 54mm scales and above.

Code          Description Price  Thumbnails
WU 30-01 Modular Building - Single Archway 1.00
WU 30-02 Modular Building - Double Archway 1.50
WU 30-03 Modular Building - Single Buttress 0.75
WU 30-04 Modular Building - Double L-Shaped Buttress 1.00
WU 30-11 Walkway 150mm x 50 mm 1.50
WU 30-12 Walkway 180mm x 50 mm 1.75
WU 30-13 Equipment Trunking 180mm x 50 mm 1.75
WU 30-14 Blasted Walkway 230mm x 50 mm 2.00
WU 30-15 Long Walkway 280mm x 50 mm 2.25  
WU 30-16 Tech. Walkway (230mm x 50mm)  With 30mm x 50mm           side platform 2.50
WU 30-21 Small Fortified Platform ("Battle Nest") 90mm x 95mm 1.75
WU 30-22 Medium Fortified Platform ("Battle Nest") 120mm x            120mm 2.50
WU 30-23 Rectangular Tech. Platform with Access Port 175mm x           110mm 2.00
WU 30-24 Square Tech Platform 110mm x 110mm 1.50
WU 30-25 Rectangular Building Baseplate/Generic Floor 210mm x           140mm 2.50  
WU 30-31 Improvised Barricade 150mm long 1.50  
WU 30-32 Pipework Trunking Barricade 150mm 1.50  
WU 30-33 Short Improvised Barricade 100mm 1.00

  For ideas on how these pieces can be put together to form battlegrounds, etc please follow the following link for a selection of thumbnailed pictures: Wartech Undercity

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